Meet Katie and Jeff McLain

x Katie and Jeff McLain have been married for over seventeen years. Though, their stories begin on opposite coasts. Katie was born in the deserts of the Imperial Valley and then raised in the Orange County sunsets of SoCal. After high school, Katie decided to see how the right coast lives, and hopped from the left coast to attend college in South Central Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, Katie fell in love with the beauty, cities, boardwalks and history of the East Coast. While eating at a vintage silver line diner on the east coast with some friends,  Katie and Jeff unexpectedly crossed paths. It was love at first sight, and their story began there. Since that moment, the two have experienced a vast array of adventures and have been able to call several places home, before they settled back in Pennsylvania to raise three beautiful and wonder-filled daughters. For the past sixteen years, Katie has been involved in early childhood education, leadership and customer service. She holds an A